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The Malone Family in the Enchanted Forest - Episode 3 of 7 (36:27)

November 13, 2021

The Malone Family in the Enchanted Forest

Episode 3 - Poachers and Unicorns


As the Malone Family begins their new roles working at Ruben's Unicorn Sanctuary, a pair of mischievous goblins tries to poach one of the unicorn's horns.  Meanwhile, Warden Bradstreet literally runs into a leprechaun in the Enchanted Forest, Maggie returns to begin Rebecca's druid training, Lady Macbeth (the cat) hunts a pixie queen, and the ghost of Sarah Malone tries to guide her family through their most hilariously difficult day yet.


Written and Directed by Clint Festa

Sound Design and Editing by Christian O'Neal

Music by Louis Panzer

Thumbnail Art by Jerome Eyquem


Starring in order of appearance

Jay Zadeh as Sniff and Snort

Meredith DiPaolo Stephens as Sarah Malone

Lyra Benjamin as Nicole Malone

Rhonda Lemon as Lady Macbeth and the Crowing Dodo

Chauncey Miller as Paul Malone

El King as Rebecca Malone

Charles Machalicky as Judah Bradstreet and the Ogre Father

Tatyana Necas as the Ogre Bride

Andreas Phelps as Terrence the Leprechaun

Raine Palmer as Maggie McCloud

Galina Necas as Pixie Warrior #1

Luna Festa as Pixie Warrior #2

Renata Festa as Pixie Warrior #3

Nate Oakley as Reuben the Giant

Thom Haynes as Lenny the Satyr

Rebecca Stanifer as Tabitha Brewer

And Jaimie Oakley as Malory Brewer

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