CPF Radio Hour

The Malone Family in the Enchanted Forest - Episode 1 of 7 (32:00)

October 30, 2021

The Malone Family in the Enchanted Forest

Episode 1 - The Witches of Salem


In this first episode of our action-comedy audio series, the Malone Family escapes their dreary life in Salem, Massachusetts on New Year's Eve 1700.  With the help of a friendly druid, they travel through a portal to the Enchanted Forest where adventure awaits them in future episodes.


Written and Directed by Clint Festa

Sound Design and Editing by Christian O'Neal

Music by Louis Panzer

Thumbnail Art by Jerome Eyquem


Starring in order of appearance

Lyra Benjamin as Nicole Malone

El King as Rebecca Malone

Chauncey Miller as Paul Malone

Charles Machalicky as Judah Bradstreet and the Drunk Passerby

Thom Haynes as the Governor

Jamie Oakley as Malory Brewer

Rebecca Stanifer as Tabitha Brewer

Raine Palmer as Maggie McCloud

Rhonda Lemon as Lady Macbeth

And Sarianna Gregg as Queen Tethra


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